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introducing my loves

I just realized today that I have never introduced my two little boys Everett and Miles, so here they are in pictures 🙂 Sorry for the mis placement of the photos, sometimes I have so much trouble in wordpress getting it to do what I want with my pics…anyone else have that problem!? My baby boys, Everett & Miles…being silly like always!

Miles is working on sharing!

Meet Miles, my little fireball!

Miles loves chocolate!

Everett loves animals (although he looks a bit uncomfortable with them here!)

First day of school!

Everett Loves getting his hair cut!

everett making some music

Style Crush: Katherine Heigl


Katherine Heigl brings back the glamor aspect of old hollywood again and again.  The combination of vintage evening dress and pearls, the pulled back hair being reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn and I can’t get enough of the bright blonde with rich red lipstick look! I love the cut of the sparkly gray dress, it’s form fitting with an A line skirt, the knee length of the dress offers a more modern twist to the entire look. I am going to keep an eye out for a piece with similar qualities for ever+mi.crush, perfect for the holidays… Katherine’s whole look gives a feeling of elegance and distinction!