Style Crush: Katherine Heigl


Katherine Heigl brings back the glamor aspect of old hollywood again and again.  The combination of vintage evening dress and pearls, the pulled back hair being reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn and I can’t get enough of the bright blonde with rich red lipstick look! I love the cut of the sparkly gray dress, it’s form fitting with an A line skirt, the knee length of the dress offers a more modern twist to the entire look. I am going to keep an eye out for a piece with similar qualities for ever+mi.crush, perfect for the holidays… Katherine’s whole look gives a feeling of elegance and distinction!


Our First Photo Shoot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so this was our first ever photo shoot for, WOW!  there is a lot that goes into a photo shoot but thanks to our amazing friends, Natalie Shadel, Jen Phelps, and Taylor Schnell, we got it done and they looked AMAZING, don’t you agree!?Image


These girls were so much fun!


Natalie did such a great job staying on top of the girls hair in the windy weather!


Jen is wearing our “heart on a string” dress

holiday weekend enjoyment

For me, the perfect weekend includes: My husband standing at the front door- suprising us by coming home early! sushi and good company, encouraging conversation at the park while the kids play, coffee and italian almond cookies, window shopping, date night, family walks, all these things and more are part of my weekend.  I hope your enjoying yours as well 🙂

To put a cherry on top of that weekend ‘sundae’, ever+mi.crush is featuring FREE SHIPPING on all orders, now through tuesday, August 5th, Enjoy!