Halloween baking fun!

Here we are, first thing in the morning, making our annual spider web and cat cookies…

oh, and we also made some lovely pumpkin cupcakes 🙂

nothing like oodles of sugar first thing in the morning! Happy Halloween!

Everett loves baking with mommy

Oh my goodness!

Miles…calm & collected




I came across these photos and thought how wonderfully beautiful they were. You can definitely see how inspiration from nature marries so well with fashion and art.

I’m not sure who the photographer is to give credit to… but if you happen to, please do and let me know!

Love today,

It’s finally Friday!  the laundry is folded and all the items on my To-Do list for this week are checked off (or at least most of them!)

This weekend is packed full, tomorrow we are dong our third trunk show at my dear friend Erin’s house, We are doing trunk shows to spread the word about ever+mi.crush and  let people shop the goods in person! We need to iron out the details still but we also plan to be part of a christmas barn sale in Elkhorn, WI the weekend after Thanksgiving!  it’s going to be huge, so much traffic. I’m excited to say the least. Sunday is Stylemax in Chicago, our team is going to scour the show and find some amazing pieces for, it’s going to be a blast!

After our trunk shows we always give away a lovely coupon code to use at ever+mi.crush.  Most of you are very far away so it’s impossible to attend!

BUT if you go to our Facebook page and ‘Like’ us I will be sure to send the coupon code to you!

Have a wonderful weekend friends!

introducing my loves

I just realized today that I have never introduced my two little boys Everett and Miles, so here they are in pictures 🙂 Sorry for the mis placement of the photos, sometimes I have so much trouble in wordpress getting it to do what I want with my pics…anyone else have that problem!? My baby boys, Everett & Miles…being silly like always!

Miles is working on sharing!

Meet Miles, my little fireball!

Miles loves chocolate!

Everett loves animals (although he looks a bit uncomfortable with them here!)

First day of school!

Everett Loves getting his hair cut!

everett making some music

Name that Snood (How creative can YOU be!?)


We think our fans are some of the greatest and creative people out there.
Go to our Facebook Page and help us name our future products (don’t forget to ‘like’ our page!)

The lucky winner will receive their own snood and matching gloves from ever+mi.crush!

Stay warm and fashionable with the snood! Not only a chic scarf but pull over the sleeve and doubles as a hood! We try to give our products a creative and fun name- But we’re having a little trouble with this one! so go on, give us your best shot! what is the most creative and fun name you can give this piece!? We’ll send a snood and matching gloves to the winner! Thanks for Playing!

P.S. this snood comes in Rose (shown) a lovely Mustard and Black- so don’t use the color in your name 🙂

wallpaper crush


floral patterns, geometric, whimsical, I just can’t get enough.  When I was in college I would make my own paper and print different patterns I had designed onto the homemade paper, it sounds so simple but it was something I was inspired by!

My share for the day, from wallpapered.com (I was to buy up the whole store!)