hip hip hooray for ever+mi.crush!

:: Ladies and Gentleman, Drum roll please ::

I can finally announce (with great relief) that ever+mi.crush boutique is up and running!  There are still lots of changes to be made and we’ll get there in due time 🙂  I hope you find something you like at our new boutique, there are limited goods so if something catches your eye, don’t hesitate, just treat yourself and you won’t be sorry!  (although if you are, exchange shipping is FREE!).  Also, for a limited time there is free shipping on all orders over $40.00 to the continental US!

As always, we love feedback, suggestions and general comments, come on now – don’t be shy! 😉

so pour yourself a cup of coffee, sit down, and enjoy some hassle free shopping at evermicrush.com!

Also, be sure to tell all your friends on your favorite social network site 🙂  It’s going to be tough to get the word out there and I’m greatly relying on you all!!!