It’s finally Friday!  the laundry is folded and all the items on my To-Do list for this week are checked off (or at least most of them!)

This weekend is packed full, tomorrow we are dong our third trunk show at my dear friend Erin’s house, We are doing trunk shows to spread the word about ever+mi.crush and  let people shop the goods in person! We need to iron out the details still but we also plan to be part of a christmas barn sale in Elkhorn, WI the weekend after Thanksgiving!  it’s going to be huge, so much traffic. I’m excited to say the least. Sunday is Stylemax in Chicago, our team is going to scour the show and find some amazing pieces for, it’s going to be a blast!

After our trunk shows we always give away a lovely coupon code to use at ever+mi.crush.  Most of you are very far away so it’s impossible to attend!

BUT if you go to our Facebook page and ‘Like’ us I will be sure to send the coupon code to you!

Have a wonderful weekend friends!


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